Powder Coating

Dorset Aluminium’s Powder Coating plant was custom designed to make use of the very latest non-chrome paint technology. Installed in May 2003, the system uses an in-line pre-treatment process to degrease, etch and desmut these components that are to be Powder Coated. After two stage rinsing in deionised water, a polymeric coating is applied to provide both increased paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Next, the product passes through a drying oven before entering the spray booth. The paint powder is applied by four CNC reciprocating ITW – Gema electrostatic powder guns from a fluidised box feed arrangement.

The product then proceeds to a (fully controlled) curing oven before returning to the unloading area for removal, inspection and packing.

Although we specialise in aluminium, the process is also suitable for ferrous materials allowing us to use our capacity not only for our products but also to paint your mild steel, zintec or galvanised steel components.