Non Hexavalent Chrome Conversion

As a consequence of changing legislation and customer demands, Dorset Aluminium Products has recently installed two non-hexavalent chromium conversion processes, Irridite NCP and Surtec 650v.


With the impending withdrawal of hexavalent chromium conversion processes (such as Alocrom 1000, Alocrom 1200, Alodime 1200, etc) due in 2016, we offer the safe, reliable alternative conversion treatment Irridite NCP.

This process offers a clear coating with bare metal corrosion resistance that is equal of the hexavalent chromium conversion treatment that are still currently available and provides a base coat with excellent adhesive properties for wet paints, powder coats and lacquers. It does not contain Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury or Polybrominated Phenois (PBB & PBDE) meaning that is compliant with ELV, RoHS and WEEE Directives.


Developed as a hexavalent chrome free passivation treatment for aluminium, Surtec 650V offers excellent bare metal corrosion resistance and is an ideal pre-treatment to provide adhesion for paints, powder coats and lacquers. The coating developed offers a blue/grey finish to indicate its presence. Surtec 650V meets with Qualicoat and GSB Approval and has many applications in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.