Metal Spinning

Dorset Aluminium Products has undertaken metal spinning for more than 15 years now and during this time has become established as a premier supplier to a number of the lighting industry’s leading manufacturers.As our company name suggests, we specialise in spinning components that are made from aluminium although we are quite happy to undertake operations in other materials such as mild steel, zintec, copper and brass. Supported by our fully equipped anodising department and automated powder coating plant, we are particularly adept at spinning AND finishing parts for a multitude of different industries.As a point of special note, we are one of the very few companies in this country who operate the alkaline electro-brightening (Brytal) process. Using super pure grades of aluminium, electro-brightening is able to produce very high levels of specular and total reflectivity, which can be retained indefinitely after anodising. This process is particularly suited to high quality reflector spinnings that require maximum levels of light output and longevity.

For parts used in less demanding applications we are able to offer chemically brightened or chemically etched finishes. If necessary, these can be dyed in just about any colour so as to be able to cover for any commercial requirement.
Our powder coating line is able to offer gloss, satin and matt finishes in plain, textured and speckled effects across a whole range of colours.

A comprehensive range of fly presses, bar presses, hydraulic presses, drilling and tapping equipment, as well as access to CNC drilling/milling machines and polishing facilities in our adjacent manufacturing section, means that we are able to offer a one stop solution that can save the customer both time and money.

Metal Spinning Capacities

Because of the many different shapes and designs of spun components, the following information is given as a guide only:

Commercial aluminium (BS 1050, BS 1200, BS 5251)

Maximum diameter – up to 700mm (dependant upon length)
Maximum length – up to 400mm (dependant upon diameter)
Maximum material thickness – 3mm

(Clad) Super pure aluminium (BS1199/1200)

Maximum diameter – up to 500mm
Maximum length – up to 300mm
Maximum material thickness – 1.2mm

Metal Spinning by Dorset Aluminium Ltd – please call 01305 265235 to discuss your requirements.