Dorset Aluminium Products specialises in decorative Sulphuric Acid Anodising, offering this as a sub contract service as well as a supporting option for finishing it’s own manufactured parts.This process produces an integral film on aluminium (and many aluminium alloys) parts offering protective and decorative properties for finished articles as well as providing a base for paints and other organic finishes.

Our normal operating conditions permit us to achieve film thicknesses of up to 20 microns which is sufficient for a whole range of internal and external applications.

The film produced during the anodising process is minutely porous – this allows a variety of different coloured dyestuffs to be absorbed into the anodic film giving colours that range from silver, gold and green through to blue, violet and black.

Finally, we use both hot and cold sealing processes to ensure that the finish obtained is afforded maximum longevity.

Our anodising process is supported by a number of mechanical and chemical operations which can be used to produce a great many different effects.

Please see the pages on:


Chemical Brightening

Chemical Etching


Bead Blasting

What follows is guide giving an indication of the maximum size of part / product that we are able to accommodate in the different finishes we offer. Please bear in mind this is a guide only as there are many factors that can influence the suitability of parts for anodising (ie shape, weight, ease of jigging).

Matt Finishes

Length – Up to 2.3 metres
Depth – Up to 1.0 metre

Bright Finishes

Length – Up to 1.8 Metres
Depth – Up to 0.9 Metre